h ² O   ◦ 9

wishing you a wonderful new year !!!

thank you for stopping by
... the nice comments you left
for loving and buying my towels+scarves
and simply for being there

i love this little community we have

and the pom poms ... a martha stewart tip from
last year ... found a tutorial over here

see you in the next year
until monday !


so said...

...same to you loraine!!

(i'm loving this photo...especially the blur of the lights in the background.)

Anonymous said...

a very very beautiful year to you Loraine!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! The pompom photo is beautiful!

Nosideup said...

Just discovered your blog. It's so lovely, I'll be back!

Unknown said...

Belle année à vous...
Les pompoms sont magnifiques.

barb. said...

all the best to you!!!!

michelle said...

This photo is stunning! The pompoms are great - they look like they are made from feathers, so lovely.

I really enjoy your blog, your refined sense of style is evident.

Anonymous said...
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