╵ 𝄄

hey girls , thanks for cheering for me
it wouldn't be the same without you !

okay about the post now
i have a little spare time because
the 40 liter pan has to heat up

+ kitchen tools from a finnish shop
called shez marius
intrigued by the wood
and love the shapes

+ a scarf by stephan schneider
via scoute

+ this blanket

i'm loving the end of the summer
the weather is much better now

talk to you when i can..


Anonymous said...

this scarf could be yours!!!

ELO °° said...

I've just discover your blog ... just BEAUTIFUL !!!

Anonymous said...

each photo is so vibrant! thanx a lot! Tilda

Loraine said...

hi galette:) thanks!

et instantanes et tilda : welcome , happy to meet you !