pictures of things i love to have around me
for bloesem's "your own private museum"

let's just say i'm very much into tools and into
materials like wood , metal , textiles and tiny stuff
like natural dye powder or leaves and flowers
to dye with
and not just because they're practical
but beautiful to me

the little milk pan is from zani&zani but there's nothing
to see on their website yet , designed by enzo mari
we bought it at a huge discount otherwise
it would've been something to only dream about
the other things are by people unknown to me


Unknown said...

What a lovely combination of objects. Each one functional and simple, they seem to go so well together.

Anonymous said...

so simple, so beautiful!

ah-yi said...

really love your collection!!

Carson said...

Hmmm...let's see..
tongs,spoon,parmesan shaver and..
spaghetti fork?
I see a dinner emerging

Anonymous said...

overall, excellent collection

Anonymous said...

hello, I tag you on my blog to said how I like your pics very much !

mieke willems said...

want that milk pan! where can we find it? soon on this webite??

ashley said...

you are too much! your collection is so inspiring. i love how functional it is.

Loraine said...

carson: yes i can SEE it too
dye stuff and tools are getting me closer to the other thing kitchens are primarily for ;)

and thanks nath!

and mieke we bought the pan here in amsterdam at de kastoor also available at studio bazaar. No i won't be selling it , but i would love to...

and thanks everyone !

chaton de luxe said...

hey have been reading your blog and really enjoying it I moved back to antwerp last year after almost 10 years in london and sydney will be happy to help if you need any advice on relocating ...

misschien in het nederlands,


Anonymous said...
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