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everything went so quick
... kind of lost for words right now

your warm thoughts mean a lot to us

coiled by BCXSY

you can use it as a flower vase

read the whole story over here

missed being here
i'm going to catch up on the things you've been up to


sandra said...


yui said...

good to see you are back to blog again!
best wishes to you and frank's family.

Anonymous said...

Strange thing this blog world, really not knowing the ones out there but still thinking about them. wishing you strength and clear skies.

Loraine said...

thanks a lot girls !

and elis..
found that to be weird also in the beginning ... just accepted it as a reality , a beautiful reality

loveology said...



Tanneke said...

Wow, really inspiring! I’ve just found your wonderful blog. Please, keep going.