. . . . SOLD !!!

so happy

a BIG thank you to all who bought !

and a BIG thank you to joachim and kate
for showing them on their blogs
+ for loving them

. . . . i feel so inspired

time to start packing


marineba said...

incredible, they are already all gone! Loraine, you need to start producing at a larger scale ;-)

Loraine said...

hi marine no they aren't !

you have to scroll to see them all

Loraine said...

marine ... you were looking beyond the immediate future THANKS !

Anonymous said...

hi i love the scarfs, but am having trouble moving your scroll button along to see more, would love to buy one..

Yoli said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful!

Lasse said...

I just got No. 4 today, it is really nice.

Loraine said...

hey lasse , really happy that you like it !

thanks for letting me know

deanna Jacoby said...

how do i buy one!?