❙ ❙­­

fabric by nani iro

this weekend you can visit designers in their
natural habitat during
the brussel's design september event

i watched pictures from last year like the one
above and it looks like a really nice event

+ very beautiful rubber stamps

:: i'll leave you for a while for a little break
we're going to visit antwerp next week
i'll be back in this space in 2 weeks

see you then and wishing you well !


so said...

have a nice trip, loraine!

Anonymous said...

your posts continue to make my heart sing. just wanted you to know. xx mav

Liz Cox said...

Have a great trip and thanks for the message! Fingers crossed everyone's parcels arrive :)

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful break loraine!

Loraine said...


virginia said...


enjoy your holiday, and look at the work above (not mine, she uses rubber stamps and i found her via book-by-its-cover).

Anonymous said...

Hey where can I find more photos of the brussels design show of 2007?

porter hovey said...

That little wall of things is just great!

Anonymous said...

such a great blog! you made our day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a nice comment about my rubber stamps on your blog!

Anonymous said...

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