love the new winter collection by humanoid
the blanket is just...perfect

tsuru watanabe

it is one thing to dye little pieces
doing bigger pieces turns your kitchen into

so the kitchen and the living room are
a big mess now until we get more shelves


SASHA said...

i loved your photo of the kitchen set up to dye. i am just getting ready to do some dyeing, and am also in anticipation the kitchen-mess, though it is certainly worth it.

Anonymous said...

yes, fall collection of humanoid looks really good.
will we see more pics? loved the pink dye.

; said...

oh lovely humanoid!

Daniel said...

Your dye kitchen looks heavenly

Y said...

love the cape(?). amazing. perfect is the perfect word for it. makes me want to wish for winter.

ah-yi said...

oh my god,. love that article of tsuru watanabe!!!

Kelly said...

love that top photo.... after seeing it I took a grey cashmere wrap I had and belted so that I had a similar look.