well the nice thing for next weekend is that the dipped tea towels
are invited to participate in the zwarte markt as part of the kleine fabriek
fair ! my tea towels at a children's clothes fair you might ask ?

the idea is that they want to give the fair a more grown up atmosphere :
those are the ones who make and buy them and also because last year
the clothes from belgium were quite popular which are as long as i can remember
more simple and more grown up in their choice of colors

plus belgium has a long tradition of quality fabrics which sort of
dyed out here in the netherlands

quite excited about visiting the fair...

TZAWA from the boys collection
but i would buy it for a girl too
not available over here yet ...


Ashes and Milk said...

HEE nice. I like all baby clothes you've been posting. Totally in my pallet.

so said...

congrats on the invite.
i agree with nikko, the baby items are too cute!

Anonymous said...

well that is good news, no? but it is becoming interesting this is the second time you post something around children...mmm? ;)

Cerré said...

i love the stitching and the placement of buttons.


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