i was so inspired by maize's post on
josefine wiel fredén

this is what i'm doing now...looking for
colors to work with for an idea for a centerpiece
on the dining table

or something else ...

and speaking of felt....

i just came across this wonderful sheep stable

on judit bellostes


MWM said...

these are beautiful!
are they all tests you are doing on fabric?

Loraine said...

yes very thin cotton and felt..

what i need is basic colors so i can mix them myself

the black dots are stickers , very helpful to create a pattern design ...well it works for me

Anonymous said...

hummmmmmmmmmmmi so beautifull as usellly

Ashes and Milk said...

Neat can't wait to see your next creations. Also, I received your dipped tea towel: love it.

Virginie (Mi-avril) said...

such beautiful searches!
i'm happy that my post inspired you!

ashley said...

wow! i can't wait to see your felted pieces!!! you mixed the cotton with the felt?

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful blog-- I love all of the soft colors here!

Carson said...

Ah..more subtle beauty from le atelier de Loraine :)

Loraine said...

:) hi there g&g thank you

and ashley no not mixing i was busy with coloring the felt and wanted to try out this cotton i had laying around

thank you micha !

carson keep the french words flowing in this direction please

anything sounds beautiful in french
i mean big fat tart would even sound great