cardigan by martin margiela knitted from bamboo fibers

and a necklace by shari pierce

to me this is an inspiring combination because of the colors
and the shapes , the paint on the necklace i find a bit suffocating

did you notice the bigger picture ... i was struggling with that
some pictures i feel need a bigger size then 400x400
not necessarily this one but i wanted to try it out ;)
thank you sabra

today and tomorrow

dank en


so said...

love the painted jewelry.

ashley said...

hey! thanks for linking me :) how do you get the photo size bigger? i am dying to make them bigger, but i'm not such a computer person...

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

i want to get this mm's knit very very much.
i tried it on tokyo, but it's too expensive..;)

by the way,
i go to the netherlands may 22-31.


Loraine said...

ashley i'll do a post about it

miho ...such a beautiful knit , at least you had the pleasure of wearing it for 5 min ;)

maybe we could meet up if you visit amsterdam !

AMM blog said...

I LOVE the sweater!!

Anonymous said...

that's an amazing necklace.

guess what came through the mail? love it. i think we need more.. tote bags etc.. :)))