the packages are all on their way since last friday... so cool to go the post office with all of them

and i'm testing something because it appears that blogger allows you to stretch the pictures bigger...they do get unsharp though and after publishing this one turns into a square...hmmm ....okay it's fixed now

this is how i use the kitchen
testing new fabric dye

but now i'm in the mood for felting

+there's a lot of blogs i visit so i'm going to mention
one or two everyday :




Anonymous said...

so great to be mentioned on one of my all time favourite blogs!
and thank you for the other good bloglink too!

Loraine said...

hi mette you're welcome :)
i enjoy your blog too

Anonymous said...

I really like the layout of the first b l o g.

Hi Lorraine

so said...

i'm loving these 2 blogs...especially the 2nd...

are you knitting and then felting?
or felting with roving?
or felting with wool pieces already knit (ie: store-bought knits)?

(just curious. i'm playing with felting too...)

Loraine said...

hi pom yes i love mette's graphic design too

hi tracy ,

maize shows beautiful things ...

i'm felting wool...fleece it's called over here and i'm testing the new acid dyes for wool that i bought.

it's hard to find good colors
best to mix them yourself
the blues i ordered are more purple than blue

Sabra said...

There's a way to do it and not lose sharpness - feel free to email me if interested (I'm sure it's not the type of lengthy comment you want : ) )

tapecase | r s e said...

beautiful images make this a beautiful blog glad to have found you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!
i'm so glad to be mentioned here!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...
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baju batik said...

your blog is awesome
really love it :)