this post turned out into something about chaos and high tea
(high tea , because it sounds so posh and orderly)

see the top image big over here
bottom over here

and i stumbled upon lynfabrikken on flickr
in this picture they're eating somewhere in london
i like the idea of eating of a wooden board

it's nice to not post and just read/look at your blogs

i'm inspired again....thank you girls and boys!


Ashes and Milk said...

Hey Loraine~

I agree, it is absolutely nice to eat on rawness. Haha.

Have a great weekend.

Fenke said...

Grappig... in duitsland is heten van houten planken vrij normal, vooral als je brood eet. Tenminste thuis..

Babelfish said...

I love the cup and saucer.

Loraine said...

Hoi Fenke , wij aten thuis ook altijd van een plank , misschien maar weer gaan doen.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I was inspired to write about it. I'm going to link to your site...I hope you don't mind!

Spoon & Tamago

Anonymous said...

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