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This was an exhibition by Cosmic Wonder at MU
in Eindhoven...Mu likes to show things in between art and design, a place where different art forms are brought together...sounds exciting...maybe I'll go there on Friday because there's also an art and design sale in Eindhoven

Cosmic Wonder is a fashion label from Japan with 2 different lines
One is about jeans the other one is more about creating garments , environments..
Tableaux vivants is maybe a good word to describe it.



Carson said...

Tableau vivant is exactly the right way to put it!
The second photo from the top?
If it was just a tad larger and had a teapot in it (japanese of course) then it would be my Perfect Room.
You have a knack of finding these perfect images...spooky :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures, again! As always they are very inspiring.

tpjewelry said...
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