the boys from buro vormkrijgers decided as of this year
to go their separate ways
so this garden chair can be found on david keunes' website
the sputnik table went to sander mulder

mens' scarf via mousses

+ maemuudesignworks changed into
really like his opening picture

++ i got tagged by janine so i'll post on that tomorrow


pom said...

Wow, everything on Sander Mulder's website is amazing! Same with Dave Keune's.

Also i'm looking forward to your 7 random things to post tomorrow.

ps. i went into a local bookstore to look for unmonumental and i heard that they had 2 copies but neither could be find so my hopes were dashed ]:

ashley rose helvey said...

ooo i love these links! thank you!

Annalisa Backlund said...

Cool scarf - and nice photo's on this blog. I just looked at 'any given name'. What a good art site.

Czina said...

thanks. it's pleasure to be tagged by you.

sander mulder's thinks are great...the lightnings...great!