i like the cover of this book , saw it laying in a shop window
next to yohji yamamoto's dream store in antwerp
here's another picture from his store

and when i went googling for it , amazon recommended
this book , like the cover as well and the content probably too
olafur eliasson


k.c.k. said...

i was flipping through that book this weekend at the new museum's bookstore - so interesting. when i was there, i thought of you because i noticed they are selling a limited edition fragrance by sanaa. i wasn't able to test it though...i wonder what it would smell like?

Loraine said...

sanaa is doing fragrances ? how about some accessories or clothes maybe.
it's probably good , i have one bottle from shiseido that one is good,never wear it though.
it's called eau timide

Did you like the interior of the building ?

pom said...

What didt the book store look like? If its anything close to that dream store, then i'd love to see it.

I was in here yesterday http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=338030068&size=l

and bought a bunch of letterpressed "penguin great ideas" series of books. I'll need to see if the have the one you bought though, it seems interesting!

Loraine said...

hi pom, it was like the dream store only smaller, but it was closed for some reason. So i didn't buy the book

i googled and found some pictures , totally different from the cover.

lots of colorful sculptures of everyday things

i don't know your penguin series
i'll google them

pom said...

I hope they seem interesting to you c:

What was the name of that bookstore? Maybe ill look around to try to find pictures. Bookstores and libraries are some of my favourites, so its always nice to see the interiors of different ones (in fact, there is a small section on books on libraries around the world in the bookstore that i showed you a picture of)

Loraine said...

this is the shop , nothing to see


here you can see some images

i saw your series , it's nice
classic is maybe a good word
from around 1900

Freshly Found said...

I love the Monumental Book. It really grabs attention and causes you stop and work it out. Very clever.

pom said...

Wow, that was much nicer than i was expecting. Thanks :]

Carla said...

The cover of the first book is so simple in design it just draws you in.
I love it

Carson said...

the unmonumental book cover:
yummy yum yum!
the typeface that recedes and then dangles...just lovely.
I like your 'eye' for these things

Heather Moore said...

My husband just got the Eliasson book. It's full of amazing things and definitely worth reading. What an extraordinary artist.

K said...

I have the Eliasson book its fantastic.... his exhibit is here in SF right now. I love it! It makes me want to add things to his landscapes.
Although the guards would surely cut my head off.