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top picture is by morita haruna
who collects metal objects
and then photographs/exhibits them

found in this gallery and more over here

felt necklace by donna wilson via by trico

just love them together and it says something
about how i view jewelry :
as beautiful little sculptures
because i never wear any jewelry

although i haven't landed yet in the new year
i do have a very good feeling about things to come

happy weekend!


pom said...

They do look really nice together; i'm sure the metal piece could work as a piece of jewlery.

And i wonder why you don't wear any? Maybe you'll decide to once your feet have landed!

Loraine said...

i know of a mercedes cut into many pieces and then sold as brooches..by ted noten

i feel silly wearing it , like i'm overdoing it

maybe i'll have another go at it this
year !

Loraine said...
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simplyolive said...

love the felt necklace.

i did't really do jewelry either-- that is, until i cut my hair off-- hoop earrings are now needed, and those long chunky necklaces.

maybe you just need a new haircut?? :)

Anonymous said...

lovely pieces, love the color of the felt necklace. i haven't landed either;

carla said...

I find the felt necklace, very subtle in its beauty

janine de waal said...

Hi there. Just to let you know...
I've 'tagged' you, so visit my blog for the details... (and if you've done this before, please share another 7 things anyway!) Thanks - and hope you have a fabulous 2008!!!

Babelfish said...

Happy new year Loraine, thanks for the simple beautiful inspiration as always.