i don't know about you , but i'm still trying to land
in the new year

this picture was with me the whole time
it's a vintage piece of hand dyed fabric used as a mosquito net
via this shop

and these 3944 pictures are a pure delight

they say : go to paris

it will be a slow transition into 2008
didn't spend any time googling for things
more slow and simple tomorrow


pom said...

Well, at least it just started, so let's see what kind of year it can be.

I've lost my voice since the 1st, maybe it will last throughout 2008.

Loraine said...

hi pom ,nothing wrong with a quite start ,it's good for concentration

except when you have a job in a call center or are a famous singer that is

good to see you pom let's make it a great year

Caterine said...

oh loraine, oh sri, ohlala... c'est si beau dat ik heb geen word voor dat.

Loraine said...

hallo caterine mooi/ beau hè

premier avril said...

meer dan beau
plus que prachtig!

Caterine said...

premier avril = ik