....okay 7 random things
about myself because i got
tagged by janine
practice makes...it easier

i'ld much rather like to talk
about random design facts
like : did you know adolf hitler
designed the beetle ?

but that was not the question
so here are 7 things :

_ i don't bite my nails or eat out of my nose
out of pure curiosity i tried those out once
i twist my hair instead

_ curiosity is a powerful tool to discover new things
so i like to look at things
which is moving towards making things as well

_ this year i want to explore fabric dying and printing

_ there's one thing i feel very strongly against and that
is the death penalty

_ i never ask myself what the meaning or the point
of life is , some questions are to big for my head

_i can't see very well at this moment ,
i'm having trouble reading and typing
this may last for a month or so
and then my vision will slowly come back

_ in antwerp we got served some eggnog and a little bit of
whipped cream with our cafe latte , i really liked the combination

And i'm tagging :

ruth anne /about some things
ashley rose helvey
czina/constructive laziness
k./halcyon days

i have a new tag in mind :
what have been the best decisions you've made
in life so far , but if you don't like it stick to the 7 random things
good luck ! And feel free to not participate

Happy weekend !


Heather Moore said...

Oh you clever thing, to change the tag perameters - they really do need a bit of a shakeup.
Your eyes sound worrying. I hope they get better soon.

Loraine said...

:)) there're so many questions you can ask , let's play around with it i thought.
my eyes worry me too , thanks for hoping for me

pom said...

Ah, interesting! I'm glad you tagged those people so i'll get to read more of this kind of thing c:

Also, after reading through Dostoevsky's 'the house of the dead' a couple of months ago, i can't help share a strong feeling of not really the death penalty but the whole prison system.

Loraine said...

pom, you mean the whole concept of putting people behind bars or what we try to achieve with it

pom said...

Hmm, i think just the method that some countries go about trying to achieve anything. I'm sure our Canadian system is slightly better than the American one, but i think there are more productive things to do then just lock everyone in cages. Not that i'm saying we shouldn't punish those who do certain things, but maybe just not in this way..

K said...

Ooh I like your version better.. I'll try to post soon.

Anonymous said...

interesting how you never ask yourself what the meaning of life is, yet you have a strong opinion on the death penalty..

your vision thing is worrying.. and i know your fabric dying and printing will be amazing!

and the latte sounded yum.

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! thanks for keeping it interesting as usual :) I also took the liberty!

maggienikole said...

i like your 7 random things.
and those hangers are great.

Maïze said...

Hi! you tagged me so..
I will try to post very soon! (in english..!)