cover: fiona tan , scenario

forever blanket by BCXSY

wishing you an early happy weekend
because i'm going to visit a friend
...aaaalll the way on the opposite side
of the netherlands

+ next week the shop will open
i'll tell you more about it on monday


Czina said...

happy wekend to you too.

like that blanket a lot.
it makes me feel very... well-rested, if you know what i mean.


I not only love the blanket, I really love that photograph and the soft yellow.

Famapa said...

weeeee, I'd love to strap myself up to dozens of balloons and see where the wind takes me...
hope you have a great weekend!

ruth-anne said...

happy weedend & visit loraine!

ruth-anne said...

oops.. weekend.

Anonymous said...
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