a very nice top

+ there was this really nice tv program on belgian television
where every week a guest could show things that inspired them
almost like a blog called lux xl
one of the guests was arne quinze
i like his mutagenesis exhibition

someone else showed work of michel bras
a french master chef
from this documentary


Sean Watson said...

I'm intrigued by your artistic eye. I like very much the style that you've shown.

ashley rose helvey said...

i love the clip of michel bras, his dish sounds wonderful :)

Czina said...

hm. what an interesting tv program. it's shame succh like this cannot be find on czech tv. i like that top a lot.

Loraine said...

thank you sean !

hi ashley it was beautiful to watch how he put the food on the plate too,
they filmed it from under a piece of glass...it was very much like a painting not something for when your hungry.

and czina what a bummer hey , one europe but we can't watch each others tv programs