it is such a lovely day.... those are the trees
in front of our house

and that little white thingy is from the box
with dye i ordered , it's made of corn
you can't eat it i think but completely
biodegradable...love that they make packaging
materials like that

+ a book by maison martin margiela
you can find it under new


Heather Moore said...

Oh, I need some of those white thingys today! But all I have is horrible foam chips. What a pity.

Loraine said...

:)) yes they're great , i think they're made somewhere in california

tyler said...

love these shots. your trees are so abstract and spindly. quite serene and yet so simple -- funny to know its a packing 'peanut'. and an eco-friendly packing 'peanut' to boot! thanks for the smile.