best behavior

ceramic stools for the garden by luca nichetto
for moroso
very lovely in high grass
thanks to designboom

on a personal note.... the new tea towels are finished !

i'll need a few more weeks for the pictures
and the shop..

and i've started painting again on fabric
because that is so much more direct

enjoy your day !


karin said...

Wow, with this bag you're best dressed.

k.c.k. said...

that bag is perfect.
looking forward to more tea towels!

ashley rose helvey said...

yay for more tea towels!

Czina said...

i love the bag on top. just great!

and the tea towels? good job!

Annalisa Backlund said...

that bag is great!

Erin said...

What products do you use to paint on fabric? I've been wanting to try it myself...

Loraine said...

thank you everyone !

and erin you could try this website

i use silkscreen ink but that's intended for silkscreen printing

good luck !