dit is LAND

and some nice things from milan ...

five little mirrors made of silver , black marble , gold
bone china and maple wood with urushi lacquer
how much you can see in the mirror depends on the material used
by brecht duijf from the design academy eindhoven

foldable metal sheet chair
called stich by adam goodrum for cappellini
thanks to designboom


ashley rose helvey said...

!*!*!*! wow, the compacts and foldable chairs! SO NICE

ruth-anne said...

amazing mirrors!

maggienikole said...

those mirrors.

Tyler said...

love the gorgeous neckline of the two cotton dresses by 'land'. understated but super sexy. just went through the entire collection. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

;o) I love the 2 dresses ... They 're beautiful !!! Very sexy too.


anywhere_Smile said...
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