coton floating in the bathtub

and of course i made smudges when i started printing
so now i know how to make those...

printing involves some kind of planning
for one because you have to wait
for an image to dry before you can print one next to it
unless you want smudges of some kind

a plan is brewing...

: bert-jan pot updated his website
and opens with my favorite lights
which are one offs i'm afraid

: ungt blod

: see you tomorrow


mette koldkjær højlund said...

thank you for the link to me and the links to others :)

pom said...

Great sites again.

Happy valentines day ~

pia said...


Loraine said...

hi mette , you're welcome

pom happy valentines day !

thanks pia :)

hannna said...

hello harmaa (grijs in finnish). your blog is beautiful and soothing.

Nikko said...

I really like the rawness of your *messy prints. I like seeing the imprefections up close. Your color choice is very subdued and lovely too.

Loraine said...

hi hannna , thank you for your kind words ! soothing...i like that and than you for harmaa.

what does manteli mean ?

nikko , thank you for seeing what i'm seeing ,it's really nice when you don't have to explain things :)

hannna said...

manteli means almond in finnish. it's the name of our house in the countryside.