misha stroj

georg herold

...trying out silkscreen printing and sewing up 20 tea towels
so my head is excited and completely bored at the same time
a weird sensation

more on that later
love the art pieces above btw
......the colors and the shapes


pom said...

ah, so nice.

Those chocolate dipped cloths are still the nicest.

Loraine said...

thanks pom

...eleven more to go

Carson said...

I know that feeling: simultaneous boredom and excitement.
The Herold sculpture: love that a lot! Followed the link and saw the title of that piece, and loved it even more!! :)

Heather Moore said...

hee hee. bored and excited - great feelings to have in tandem that keep you pressing on!

Lila said...

Are they going to be dipped in other yummy "ingredients"? [strawberries, lemon curd...]
Will they be for sale on etsy?

Loraine said...

carson : looking at his other pieces the title seems a bit out of the blueheather :))

heather : yes it's good combination !

lila : i thought about it because it seems so logical , but i like the chocolate color the most still.

and yes they're going to be for sale
on grijs or on etsy.the aim is to open up at the beginning of march...Nice to hear that you like them !

pia said...

love your style. danielle from style files just introduced me to you. beautiful posts!

Joanna Goddard said...


anne said...

hi loraine, both of these objects are equally amazing! so lovely. thanks for sharing. hope the printing went well...

Loraine said...

hi anne ,wel i've never done this before so i'm in the learning fase

oh and i haven't forgotten about your project , i'll join in when i have something....

it amazed me how much vegetables you can get for 10€ maybe i'll do vegetables to , then it's easy to compare