Tora Urup design

Comptoir des Cotonniers fall/winter

i'm sorry for the unexpected blog break... i'll say this about it : root canal

And for the people in Brussels : on Monday i'll post about an exhibition you might
like to visit ...

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture by .mal


julie said...

Oh i hope you are feeling better :)

I love the forms of the glassware. xx

Loraine said...

you're so sweet julie thanks
i'm better now :)

simplyolive said...

the photo of the glassware is beautiful!

...did you at least get some good painkillers?? :)

Carson said...

oh, how awful
I agree with simplyolive: hope you were doped up on painkillers!

Heather Moore said...

Ow! Hope you're feeling better.

There's a megamall just off a nearby highway called Canal Walk, which I like to call Canal Root, as the experience is similarly yukky.

Loraine said...

:)thanks heather for making me laugh

and to tracy and carson yes i was very well drugged.. my cheek is still stiff from the 4 injections

cruststation said...

Really love the clothes on the fashion website, the beautiful glassware and the photo from mai. Great links! Hope you're better.

longge said...
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