When i saw this i thought my quest for a blanket was over...
Just love the colors and the transparency of the mohair.
By Lisbet Friis via redredred

....but it's a baby blanket and speaking of baby's I spent hours on a new to me
European version of etsy called DAWANDA looking for a present

Also spent hours on etsy where i would have bought these trousers and this bib if it would have been for my baby

And i thought all this would go great with this chair via k.c.k.


Carson said...

you know I'm a sucker for a plaid mohair rug

ashley rose helvey said...

wow! thanks for the DAWANDA link!!!

Bhavna said...

This blanket is so snuggable!!

Love what you showcase on your blog, Loraine...will be back for more :)