Picture I took in the kitchen (no daylight) to show you our oven mitt
by iittala , it's brown with blue stitching.
I really love the design but Frank finds it to be not very practical.....

Something I hope is both practical and beautiful at the same time
is this portable 4 GB hard drive by Michael Leung called Stone
It's still a prototype , made of synthetic resin

Have to talk to swissmiss about this....a lot more boys watch her blog
My guess is that it would sell very well


lottie said...

I think it is a lovely glove.

Loraine said...

Hi lottie!
i think so to in any case it's a pleasure to look at :)

Carson said...

I love your photo of it; whether it's practical or not!
And the hard drive; it reminds me of those RockWatches of the late 80s, remember those? I had one :)