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I saw this ring on Tessa's blog , this is just one of a series of 4 called sketchRings
Tessa send me some pictures so this image is totally with permission as
Debra would call it.They're made of silver but she treats it like clay

I would love to see how that works...

...and talking about sketches
Love these by Konstantin Grcic for chair 1,
probably a picture from this book


cruststation said...

Love the organic look of these rings.

beachbungalow8 said...

those are made with a product called PMC. an acronym for precious metal clay. it's very cool indeed. it's a clay that is infused with tiny particles of metal. this way it becomes maliable. once you shape it, mold it, deboss or emboss it, you put it in a kiln and it burns away the clay. you are left with a metal piece. you can google the product to get more info and order it.

Anonymous said...
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