Portrait from a series called 'reversed' by Marjaana Kella
a Finnish photographer.... you can see her other pictures here
please do because the whole idea is beautiful...

A book was also published , by Basalt Publishers/van Zoetendaal gallery
they are closed for this month so I don't know if I can still get it

And....some magazines :

A Magazine


simply olive said...

i like how the pattern in the shirt changes form one end of the photo to the other. it makes this photo very interesting to look at...probably my favorite (of what i saw on the link).

Loraine said...

My favorite too...it's also on the cover of the book...so more people were thinking that.

simply olive said...

...thanks for the sweater comment.
i'm assuming it was you...(your profile is blocked.)

ashley rose helvey said...

oh i love these photos. they are so intriguing. i want to turn them around and look into their eyes!

Anonymous said...
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