This is for all you spoon lovers out there....
made by silversmith Simone ten Hompel
I hope her work will show up in a gallery somewhere near...and soon

I'm really glad to be back
The {small} books swap is on it's way to Irena and because of that swap I'm all into books at the moment so more on that in the coming days.

And Irene did a great weekend read on her favorite design blogs


Kate said...

I'm loving all of the posts people are doing on spoons...who knew they could be so beautiful?!

Loraine said...

Hi kate,
fun isn't it
when you've seen so many of them you will never think 'a spoon is just a spoon'again

Irina said...

Hi Loraine,

great to hear from you. My books are already on the way as well :)
Just in time! Very exciting, I have to say..
Love, Irina

Heather Moore said...

It's great to have you back! I'm still all excited about spoons (watch my shop for a spoons teatowel soon!)
Have a great weekend,