well girls and boys here is the second dipped series !

to me they are completely different because that
happens when you change one detail in the process
like using a bigger pan for example
and it made it fun for me

i also used a different kind of dye and as a result
some of them turned out grey
those are very beautiful but for some reason not so photogenic

:: if the first page of the shop is loaded just click that picture
and you will enter the page with the tea towels

:: for the buying page click the magnifying glass or the tea towel.


+ many thank yous and xxx to frank for building the shop


Anonymous said...

just wonderful... still no sign of my first one. sorry! xx

Loraine said...

i'll send one tomorrow or friday to you ! x

i'll let you know

Anonymous said...

i like the ones that turned out sort of grey!

Ashes and Milk said...

No. 3 is mine! Looking forward to having a bit of you in Chicago. Thanks!

Loraine said...

hey girls thank you !!!
looking forward to sending them to you !

so said...

this shop is just as cool as the first.
you're so lucky to have your own private "website builder"!

Anonymous said...

Number 2 from the first run is still the best one you've made! To me, anyway =p

Loraine said...

thank you tracy :) you don't really need it to get started though...it's just because i love shops

and pom yes , yours is the best one by far ;)

MWM said...

are they all gone already?
I only see no. 1 and it is sold...

Loraine said...

no martha they aren't sold all !!

you have to click the arrows next to the numbers

Anonymous said...

sold sold sold sold sold
sold sold sold sold sold

too late for me....more we want more!!!

Anonymous said...

they are so, so beautiful.
shame i missed out.
next time?
[and i love your shop - very clever.]

jimena said...

you are the best!!!!!!

Ana said...

lovely work!