hey girls and boys
i'm very busy taking pictures of
the new tea towels

but ça va aller
thanks to dear ada

hopefully the sun will shine
tomorrow because then it's queensday
and i'm going hunting for a tea pot
mine just broke


info said...

ça va aller is quite astonishing...have fun huntress!

Ashes and Milk said...

Hm. Something funny is going on with my blogger id.

ruth-anne said...

good, new tea towels, and happy tea pot hunting!

Loraine said...

hey nikko , thanks :)
strange where that info comes from... good luck with the shop!

Loraine said...

thanks ruth-anne !

mav said...

so excited to get mine from your first round ... wonder when it will come? i can't wait. xx

jimena said...

oh! mine was broken yesterday too...I've been very sad, anyway it's always nice to go tea pot hunting! good luck and lets see what we find!

Heather Moore said...

Hope you find a nice teapot. Looking forward to seeing the new teatowels, and Happy Queen's Day!

Alison said...

I'm going to pretend that I have a small hope of actually getting a tea towel next release.
Meanwhile, enjoy your tea pot hunting!

Carson said...

I hope you find the perfect teapot.
If anyone can Loraine it's you.
And please post a photo of it once you've found it