i liked this project by jeff werner , who is doing
a 6 month exchange at the design academy eindhoven ,
it is an idea for a clock you can see more on flickr

what i'm seeing is a sort of printed origami piece of clothing

and sometimes people from far and away have to point you to
things right under your nose , well almost
like this construction in rotterdam by MVRDV
via casasugar

tomorrow a bit on milan design week...


lottie said...

I think I want to live in the blue house. such an imaginative conception.

UNIFORM Studio said...

I am really taken by that jeff werner project.
and I have always liked that blue house by MVRDV.
I like their pig project too:

Loraine said...

lottie : yes a beautiful idea for 19th century houses and practical

martha : i'm curious about their houses in new orleans

kirsten said...

i am seriously taken with that jeff werner project!
how very cool.
[and now i will be thinking of all the amazing possibilities this raises in my head...]

Czina said...

how simple and cool idea, this jeff werner's project...
what it could as dress print...


i am joining kirsten in world of printing fantasy

Loraine said...

hi kirsten... you made me curious

and czina , it is a sort of puzzling kind of inspiration to me

marie said...

thats a lovely way to make patterns!

sandra said...

don't know if i've told you, but i LOVE your blog.