2 pieces that inspired me..

jamie pitarch
martin wöhrl

via spencer brownstone gallery

+ this choppingboard


pom said...

Morning ms. Lorraine.

That 'kontrapost' piece made me stare.

I've been up all morning looking at clips of 'Fantasia' and my childhood is all in my mind. I had no idea that it was made in 1940, either..

Loraine said...

morning pom...i can't remember that movie but the music was very beautiful in those days.

we have this classic movie channel so now i'm watching a lot of old movies , the styling is often very beautiful.

did the tea towel arrive yet ?

pom said...

not yet! i need time to think about what worthy things i could use it for, anyway :]

ruth-anne said...

i'm loving the shape of that chopping board.

Loraine said...

hi ruth me too , i've never seen anything like it