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a beautiful apron , love the top part
from jurgen lehl

because today is packing day

can you believe i expected to sell
maybe 1 or 2..
so thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

my feet have landed a bit since this morning

yesterday i stared a lot at the monitor
with my hand over my mouth in disbelief
today i'm really happy my birds
are flying out as they were meant to

oh and spoon & tamago is doing a great
series on japanese architecture
....love part 6

Thank you again for everything !


lottie said...

I totally missed the boat yesterday - maybe there will be a next time?! they are beautiful.

mav said...

oh my goodness. the jurgen lehl shop is amazing. so glorious. thank you so much. and so happy you sold out so quickly (of course you did!). xx mav

pom said...

Ah what a cute post!

I'm excited to get no.2

I wonder what i'll do with it.

Your koos shoes are still great!

Spoon & Tamago said...

Thanks for reading!! And a big congratulations to you. That's fantastic!

ruthanne said...

i like your shoe pic! ..
apparently i don't know how to scroll through websites yet.. ;

jimena said...

ups! I was too late for ypur shop... congratulations you are such a great artist! your work is so beautiful presented!
I love that shoes!

siagrafica said...

Floris bought me n°5 :-)
Congrats on selling out so quickly!