saw buffalo '66 by vincent gallo the other day
i liked the photography in the scenes with the boy in his bedroom
took a clipping from youtube so the quality is less

and i'm into socks since this picture on marie's blog
these i like very much and these too

i spent my break building a store for the dipped project
with frank , it's turning into something i didn't plan
and i'm so curious to hear what you'll think of it
wish i could share it with you now.... but it has to wait
till next wednesday

now i'm going to see what you've been up to


simplyolive said...

hi loraine, thanks for the happy b-day...
looking forward to what you will show us wednesday...

pom said...

That screen capture is almost scary.

Next Wednesday is soon, i'm excited.

k.c.k. said...

buffalo 66 is my all-time favorite movie. so beautiful - the colors, mood, tone...the composition is great.

K said...

I can't wait to hear, see whats happening.

ruth-anne said...

wow. that was quite some clip. ;)
looking forward to next wed. !

Loraine said...

thank you everyone !

ruth ... a terrible scene but the cameraman did a great job

Carson said...

I still haven't seen Buffalo66, it's on my "To See" list.
Your dipped project, I'm waiting with bated breath!