cups dipped by sander luske

+ some nice places that i've found in paris so far
like this vacation rental
restaurant soya
restaurant l'ourcine
restaurant l'altro
all about food
and of course palais de tokyo

i'm busy mixing ink in the right chocolate color
preparing linen and then printing ....
there's fabric enough for 4 mistakes


pom said...

My sister is traveling to Paris for a few months, i believe, pretty soon! I'd love to go stay with her while she is there... maybe i will! (So keep posting great finds for me to visit =p)

Loraine said...

you will love it there...great clothes great book shops..if i were you i'd take the opportunity

pom said...

I definitely will try!

Also, i'm excited for your chocolate cloths.

(PS, your l'altro links to the l'ourcine flickr set)

Loraine said...

thanks ! and i fixed it , such a nice place

ah_yi said...

i love that apartment in paris, sounds like a very good deal!!

Loraine said...

hi ah-yi , unfortunately that is an advertising trick. I tried booking and then it turned out it costs 180€ per day But it is nice to look at

marie said...

i love the appartement..i'm going to paris soon too (may!) my little studio is about 1/5 of the size! it will be cosy! i love making lists of things to see and do too..its so exciting ;)

Loraine said...

hi marie , enjoy paris and your list ;)!

Czina said...

oh yes, wisiting paris.
one of my still not realized dreams!