here's another one by victor pasmore
together with a picture i took of

such a beautiful book i can't say it enough..

this is quit intense ... blogging on 2 blogs
today is about a few places i like in Amsterdam
Thank you for stopping by!


Carson said...

I absolutely adore Victor Passmore! (hey, that rhymes), one of my favourite abstract painters.
Did I miss something? Do you have another blog going Loraine? Sorry, I think I missed a couple of posts when I was really busy.

Joanna Goddard said...

i love your guest posting on d*s. you are so fabulous!

Heather Moore said...

I'm loving your double posting. Hope you get a break over the weekend though!

Loraine said...

hi carson , it was hectic here too.
i was invited to play on a big stage, next to it, but big non the less

hi joanna , thank you so much. It's nice to hear that you liked it :)

hi heather thanks and yes i really need a break. i never talked this much