nice mugs by marie verlet via nomads
and lovely fabrics by nani iro thanks to marie


you couldn't have missed that
... but just in case

i received sia's circus print
i'll show you later today
...just about now


pom said...

Those cups, lovely :]

By the way, i sat down in a bookstore and flipped through Unmonumental for a while yesterday..

Loraine said...

how was it ?

Carson said...

those mugs would go nicely with your teatowels loraine :)

Loraine said...

yes :)) i was thinking that too

simplyolive said...

these mugs are great.
...i agree w/ carson.

marie said...

i love the cups..and i'm happy you liked nani iro!lines and shapes is everywhere, they did such a good job!

hannna said...

like you and carson say... that was my immediate thought too

sandra said...

your blog is such an inspiration. always.