gloves + shopping bag from marni
and a picture of fabric dyes on a plate

because i'm testing them to see if they're washfast
and to see what colors the black dye is made of

i'm improving the dipped tea towels
and printing the chocolate ones myself
found someone to coat and develop my silkscreen

i have to start all over but i'm learning a lot
see you again tomorrow !


pom said...

I hope your weekend was okay.

And i'd love to have one of those chocolatey cloths one day!

ruth-anne said...

love the marni gloves. and bag.
the picture of the fabric dyes on the plate looked like an abstract painting!

Loraine said...

pom that should be possible within the next 2 months...the weekend was all about fabric and dyes..you almost have to be a chemist. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

ruth :lovely to look at.. aren't they

...like the dye on the plait , had to capture it before it was gone

simplyolive said...

love this bag & gloves.
i'm craving a brand new leather bag...

your glops of dye look like fish swimming under water--very cool.
(i'd blow it up and frame it!)

Czina said...

the shopping bag looks fantastic.
i like your tea towels

kara said...

long leather gloves....marni...things of dreams!

Wanda said...

Hallo moppie! Mooi mooi mooi je theedoeken. Ik wil er ook een paar, ideaal idee voor origineel kado!Echt mooi, ben heavily impressed, en ONTZETTEND TROTS op je!!!Liefs,


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