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necklace by karin seufert

alison/6.5 st received the 'you make my day' award....twice
and when you get it you have to give it to 10 others
i was one of those 10... thank you alison
we share a love for fibers and threads

let's pretend the award is karin seufert's necklace
i know a lot of you who would be very happy to receive it
but i have to single out just 10 and i have more than 200
blogs that all have the ability to inspire me in different ways

i googled for make my day i got 186000 hits
so it's spreading itself rather quick

somewhat in order of appearance :

karin's style blog
hoping for happy accidents
montmartre's sketchbook
simply olive

now i'm getting sick
because i would also be nowhere without :
the rest of you..
and flickr

and ever so grateful for :


k.c.k. said...

wow! thanks ray!

pom said...

All of your blogs make my day all the time! Such comforting readables.

Joanna Goddard said...

what a fun necklace. xo

Carson said...

I love that you personalised your award with the necklace. Maybe it's the furry bit at the top, but it has a Meret Oppenheim feel to it.
Yes, it is spreading exponentially, I think the fact that everyone has to choose TEN makes it spread faster. I like your list :)

simplyolive said...

i wondered why i had so many visitors to my blog from yours...(love that sitemeter)
now i have to narrow it down to 10...it will be hard.

thanks for the tag, by the way.

sandra said...

oh sweet, thank you! you made my day! :)

mav said...

oh my ... flattered, flattered!!!!
you make my day right back. xx

Montmarte said...

loraine, you make my day too! :)

see you,