a picture taken at the printing studio i visited
we did a test print for the tea towel project
next time we're going to print 20 of them
in a chocolate color and on linen

the rest of the pictures i took there are over here

you can see more of yoshioka sachio's work over here

+ beautiful clothes over here


siagrafica said...

I would love to buy one of your tea towels... will you be selling some of next time's batch?

Loraine said...

Hee Sia...yes i will !
i want to sell the first batch as well btw

nath said...

I love your blog very much !!! and thank you very much for the link :-) my english is too bad to say all things I would like to say about it... so : I love.. I love.. I love :-)

Loraine said...

nath: merci a vous !
that's a bit formal so :thank you thank you ,thank you :)

you can speak french if you want to

i can translate the words i didn't understand

but it is a bit of a problem, like the korean fashion webshops i'm visiting now...

debi van zyl said...

these photos: i love them the contrast, the way the fabric hangs... it's too much for me

I love it.

Heather Moore said...

I love those photos. It looks like a great place to spend the day. Can't wait to see all 20 hanging up soon!

Thanks for your comment yesterday about the winds blowing. Funnily enough, the winds in Cape Town are really incredible at the moment. I had two umbrellas turn inside-out yesterday!

Joey Dickinson said...

Hee Sia...yes i will ! i want to sell the first batch as well btw