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new to me these wall paintings by ragna berlin
she made them 10 years ago
they work really well in a large space

and i finally found a place for textile printing
at an affordable price , because the printer man
is to expensive.
but they're not answering the phone....yet


siagrafica said...

you found a place for affordable textile printing, that's great! in Amsterdam?

I am still jealous about your Boulevard scarf by Yokoo... perfect for Amsterdam weather.

Loraine said...

hey sia...it's called grafisch werkcentrum & uitgeverij amsterdam oost. and it costs 95€ for 5 lessons
exc. materials. Let's hope it works out...

k.c.k. said...

oh loraine, i love this work! i love how it marks/maps space. i imagine they are stunning in person.

sort of similar but different:

i particularly like the broken line projections.

Loraine said...

hi K.
wished i could see them too in person

i like the broken lines one too,
more about the space then the geometry in the images

Carson said...

Those wall paintings are so you Loraine :)

Heather Moore said...

Ooh, good luck! I hope they do your work for you! Love the shadowy wall painting. So subtle but gigantic!