coat hanger but i would hang bags on it and this lamp shade combined
with this one and this drinking glass.....enough reasons to visit habitat

i was also taken with some pictures from still waters via hopingforhappyaccidents
like the one above + this one

in fact i was so inspired that i went out shopping
and had a 'life changing' moment at h&m : i bought skinny black jeans
i haven't worn jeans in 12 years ....i'll try to take a picture of that
but it'll probably be only shocking to people who know me

+ a beautiful set on flickr of Tokyo backyards


k.c.k. said...

morning, ray!
oh those gardens. i love them.

Loraine said...

good afternoon :) k.c.k.

they're great aren't they...

Carson said...

you're a great shopping-enabler loraine!

(you know I went out and ordered a few long-sleeved t-shirts from la redoute, for which I hold you personally responsible) :)

Kate said...

love those boots :)