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Jen mentioned Impuls Seatle the other day so i looked at it again
and realized their styling is going to be my solution and that is mixing
light colors with dark ones
Summer and winter in one....because i don't feel happy in only dark colors

Love the shoes in the bottom picture...no mention of a brand

Had another tea towel idea , it's called CHOCOLATE


lottie said...

I am so in love with Impulse Seattle, especially that middle look. I've been wracking my brains for something with a similar aesthetic in Europe but nothing has come to mind so far.

sia said...

the humanoid outfit {second photo} is wonderful indeed. I so so so want that sweater thing... one of my flickr favourites since I spotted it a while ago.

and I'm still looking for the perfect {yet affordable} black trousers... sigh.

Loraine said...

Hey Lottie well those clothes are from humanoid which is dutch and some of it is from vanessa bruno..french

so maybe you have to cross the pond with eurostar

Hey Sia..that is such a cool sweater init...i'm looking for black trousers as well...woolen ones

cruststation said...

I love the styling on the site, the cuts and shapes are fabulous (the middle look is my fav).

sulu-design said...

I gasped out loud at these photos. Thanks for the link. I'm so happy to know that these are just a short train ride away from me!

debi van zyl said...

I can't decided which outfit I would wear first if I got my hands on these clothes... they are so beautiful... perhaps all three in one day? what stunning pieces! and I especially love the shoes with black tights

Carson said...

thanks for the impulse link Loraine.
I love the muted colour layering and some of the detailing is really exciting!
I do worry about the flatteringness /wearability of some of the silhouettes though..think of maternity-wear?
I know that's the 'look' at the moment and I'm probably just showing my age ;)

Heather Moore said...

Mmm, I like those too. And your teatowels are delicious!

longge said...
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