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Finally found the man responsible for this scarf 10 years ago,
Thibault van der Straete moved from Paris to Lima .... closer to the source
of his textiles : the alpaca's and only uses natural colors now.

My head is filled with wool like this skein from blue sky alpacas
something is brewing ....

And the tea towel project is almost finished which i'm really excited about,
need to do a photo shoot and a tag to go with it.....

through my stats i found Maize's blog who is a textile designer
... very beautiful designs


Nikko said...

Oh yes, this looks perfect! They have great natural color yarns. Can't wait to see what you do---

Carson said...

Loraine! Could it be that you're about to join the ranks of us fibre-obsessed? I'll have to stay tuned.
Nice bag :)
And thankyou for the Panchamina link...beautiful,bee-you-tee-full!!!

longge said...
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