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Yesterday i saw this pullover for the first time , it could be that you've seen it
already but i had to show it .... i'm hoping she enjoys wearing it and that she
doesn't have to pose all the time. By pip squeak chapeau

Love these stones via rose&radish

And there's a new fashion magazine called lepli from paris aimed at fashion
students. Issue nr 1 is scheduled for Oct. 1st

Which reminded me of a long gone magazine called jeunes createurs
Took pictures of 3 clippings ...over here


Bhavna said...

The one word which comes to my mind when I see this sweater is snuggle..and soft (ok, 2 words then!) :)

Loraine said...

:) yes very snuggly....

Irina said...

I wanna have a baby to dress it!! How lovely! :)