This is from the winter collection by American Vintage
They're planning on opening an online store which i'm thrilled about because there isn't much to shop online around here. {for clothes}
Great neckline and color....and that light in the back looks intriguing too

The other 2 online shops where I buy clothes are :

La Redoute and Rushcollection

This is the last bookcase for now... by Nils Holger Moormann
I really love their compositions and i've been using them as graphical elements
between the other pictures.


Emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

But you already have American Vintage in Several shops in Amsterdam, why do you want to shop it on the net?

Loraine said...

because then you have the whole collection available + shopping is often to exhausting for me

Alison said...

Would it be so wrong to want every single piece in the collection...??