Sori Yanagi tongs via chachada
Marie-Pi laundry basket via ROVE

After a 'busy' post a bit of calmness for today....

Did you know about BLOGDAY ?

It reminded me again of my list of blogs i visit which aren't yet in my links section
It'll probably turn into a very long list until i've found a better solution.....

I'll leave you with my summer hit : greek yoghurt with strawberries


jimena said...

hi loraine!
thank you for comment on my blog!
mmm I'd love to try your summer hit, but I'll take a nice and hot tea now it's too cold in buenos aires... a hug!

simplyolive said...

hi loraine,
you've been tagged!
8 facts...i think you know the routine...

Cher Ami said...

that laundry basket is fantastic!

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